bullying and harassment resources

I was bullied a lot growing up and know it is an incredibly difficult thing which is why I work so hard to make our happy little community a non-toxic, supportive and safe space for everyone. We are here to help support you in whatever way we can. -Happy

CyberSmile is a nonprofit with great resources for how to deal with bullying and cyberbullying https://www.cybersmile.org/advice-help

StompOutBullying is another organization that has an online support chat line available along with other resources https://www.stompoutbullying.org/about-bullying-and-cyberbullying

If you have been the victim of gaming related or online harassment and need to talk to someone you can text SUPPORT to 23368 from anywhere in US. Available daily from 3-7 PM Pacific / 6-10 PM Eastern https://gameshotline.org/how-it-works/

While our community is here to be supportive, we are not mental health professionals. If your health, safety, life or the life, health or safety of anyone else is in immediate danger, please contact emergency services (call 911 in the US/Canada, 999 in the UK/Ireland, 000 in Australia/NZ) and suggest reaching out to a safe and trusted person in your life like a family member, teacher, counselor, friend or neighbor.