hi friends

Creating a happy little community with cozy, inclusive, non-toxic rainbow and sunshine vibes.

On the main Happy Little Gamer YouTube channel, we play a bunch of Nintendo, Splatoon, Pokémon, Minecraft and other variety games. The channel is intended for all ages.

On the other Happy Little Gamer PLUS channel, we play a bit more mature games like Overwatch and Fortnite, that are “rated T for Teen”, but with otherwise the same wholesome and family-friendly vibes.

Please read through our Community Guidelines, and above all else please be kind and respectful to others both in-game and in all of our online spaces. If needed, please fill out an Anonymous Report for any community issues that violate our rules and guidelines so we can best keep our community a safe space.

For business and other inquiries please reach out via email: contact@happylittlestudios.com

Happy (he/him) is an artist, illustrator, designer, illustrator and YouTube Partnered content creator living in sunny Southern California with his husband and rescue pugs Bear and Georgie.